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I am very happy LDIS company for deaf community club example activity club and support with confidence motivation for opportunities jobs etc..I’m interesting looking find jobs and CV and I need to together support helping me also any ideas and it’s good start a conversation at work also it’s incredible BSL Interpreter level 6 also good service
Service is good, happy with service yes very very good, when in panic I can cope with flexible dates to book for drop-in which helps. Happy with you and your branch. Stephen and you, I am happy with you way to control and hope you will be successful
Please do not close this company, you all helped me with everything for me, my husband and my 2 sons. I love coming here and trust it will always get sorted
Thank you so much for helping me with learning English language, JSA benefit, helping me find job and volunteering. Also thank you for patient that I am still learning BSL, you still try to adapt to my German Sign Language and Farsi
Good attitude, very flexible, good team work. I am happy with you all teaching me how to book interpreters for my workplace
You know what I am very happy? Your boss did the right thing set up his business otherwise how earth will I have job without the organisation.
When I have any problems, or in a hurry, urgent help needed, I can come in use drop-in service for calls with interpreters and staff for a smooth result.Also, in the past I have experienced so many negatives, now I feel better because staff make me feel positive and encouraging about my future. Other organisations has shown amount of discrimination with no Deaf Awareness knowledge, this company is has made my life more positive and smooth. Staff, Mayuri has given me a chance to do volunteering to provide experiences in how to work in a team, and gain skills to prepare for future. Also has gave me a chance to work in a cafe with hearing people and learn to adapt myself.
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